Welcome to the web site of contemporary South African artist, Tanya Pixie Johnson. Based mainly in the Kootenays,
British Columbia & part time in Cape Town, South Africa.

Tanya Pixie Johnson is a painter wtho translates her visual language into various media, including:
installation, assemblage, drawing, paper cutting, collage, print making, performance and design. Her paintings are a conscious and sub conscious narrative of how she relates to the inner and outer worlds. She continues to explore through colour, light, form and abstract form, representations of the seen and unseen, the dream, the thought, the sacred, and the physicalness of being human. She has a deep relationship with the land, is wild at heart and is pulled towards the edges of things. The artist’s layers of perception are evoked by the multiple layering of paint used in resolving each painting, and the employment of a very personal language of symbols.